Bullets for the Dead

This movie is from our archive and is not currently screening.
Bullets for the Dead

Starring Christopher Sommers, Emma Randall, Vanessa Moltzen.
Directed by Michael Du-Shane.
Classification: CTC.
Country: Australia.

A beautifully-lensed horror western out of Queensland that puts a gang of thieves in the charge of a bounty hunter as they attempt to avoid zombie cannibals while traversing the Old West. With the feisty and outspoken Annie Blake (Vanessa Moltzen) chewing the scenery as much as the zombies are munching on the cast, the eye-patched bounty hunter James Dalton (Christopher Sommers) has more to contend with than just forming a zombie hit squad.

Cathy Rodda (IRON SKY) and Norm Wilkinson (TIME GUARDIAN) produced BULLETS FOR THE DEAD in league with Griffith University as a way to give new graduates a let up into professional production.

Join Monster Pictures, Director Michael Du-Shane and Producers Cathy Rodda and Norm Wilkinson in person for the Hobart premiere of this QLD-shot zombie western and Q+A case study on the film’s unique production structure in conjunction with Griffith Film School.

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