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Classification: E (Content for Mature Audiences), 75 mins.

You are cordially invited to the premiere screening of four spanking new Tasmanian comedy web series, in which talent will be unearthed, sides split and thighs slapped.
Developed as part of the Screen Tasmania/Screen Australia match-funded initiative, #ComedyConcentrate, the series have been developed and produced under the intensive guidance of some of Australia’s best screen and comedy minds.
Come along, support Tasmanian screen culture and fall about laughing.
Tasmania’s funniest emerging screen producers roll out their projects for all to see. Click on the session time below to purchase tickets.

Australia’s Best Street Racer
Michael O’Neill
Eighteen year old Taylor James is a self-proclaimed car expert with more first names than friends. Desperate to find a community to belong to, Taylor has decided to try and make his mark on the Tasmanian late night street racing scene, and he’s doing it in his Mum’s 1994 Holden Barina.

Don't Go There - Australian History For Kids
Mark Thomson
Historical comedy for primary school kids, "Don't Go There" tells the stories they don't teach you at school. Our first episode introduces Mary Wade, transported to NSW at 11 for stealing a dress, and went on to be known as one of the "Mothers of Australia" with over 30,000 descendants!

General Exhibition
Tim Logan
Set in a understandably failing VHS rental store, run by a stubborn dreamer, General Exhibition is the brain-child of Hobart comedian, actor and VHS obsessive, Emesha Rudolf.

Herman Killer on the Run
Daniel Peek
In a heartless rouse to make one of the world’s great true crime documentaries, a video guy and his assistant convince the son of a dead TV star that he is a murderer.

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