Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story

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Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story

Classification: M (Mature themes and scenes of animal slaughter), 103 mins.
Country: Australia.

Join us for the Tasmanian Premiere of Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story with the director in attendance for a Q+A following the event.

This ground-breaking film captures the untold love-hate story of Australia’s most famous and contentious national icon.
Set in distinctive Australian landscapes, KANGAROO explores the complex and conflicting opinions around this unique marsupial that is at the center of the largest mass-destruction of wildlife in the world.
The second most recognizable tourist symbol in the world and an image that defines Australia to the world; The kangaroo graces Australia’s national coat of arms, flies through the skies with the national airline and is deeply intertwined in Australia’s corporate and cultural identity.
Yet despite a common perception that they are plentiful to the point of pestilence, most Australians have little idea of the story of the kangaroo and what is at risk.
KANGAROO is the first documentary that will tell a comprehensive story of this Australian icon, weaving stories of kangaroos from first Australians through to stories from colonial settlement, up and until the present day.
The film features interviews at large rural commercial properties with a variety of views on the ‘roo’; explores the perspectives of farmers who see kangaroos as grazing competition and includes comments from farmers who are anxious for long-term coexistence with local wildlife.

With breath taking footage of kangaroos in the wild, this film will give the audience an up close experience of this unique species and bring to the table a conversation that Australians seem reluctant to have; the future of the largest remaining marsupial species left on the planet.

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