Restore Pedder: Damnation

This movie is from our archive and is not currently screening.
Restore Pedder: Damnation

Directed by Travis Rummel, Ben Knight.
Classification: E (Exempt - Not Rated), 94 mins.
Country: USA.

The damming of Lake Pedder in 1972 gave birth to the global movement to protect nature. In the summer of 2021-22 it will be fifty years since the water of the Serpentine impoundment swallowed the pinkish-white quartzite beach of Lake Pedder and the Serpentine and Upper Huon valleys. Can the restoration of Lake Pedder inspire a global movement to restore and rejuvenate our planets wild places? We have a choice: restore or ignore.

Join Bob Brown, Christine Milne and special guests to launch the Restore Pedder campaign. Our hosts will share plans to restore pedder and the hope that we can make Olegas Truchanas’s vision come true, that Tasmania “be a shining beacon in a dull, uniform and largely artificial world”.

Damnation is a powerful film that provides proof that dam removal is possible. Its majestic cinematography and unexpected discoveries document how dam owners, impacted communities, and politicians are now reevaluating the usefulness of certain dams and often advocating for decommissioning and removal. Some call it a movement, others call it a generational shift in values.

Restore Pedder is coordinated by the Lake Pedder Restoration Committee. @RestorePedder

Thank you to the State Cinema and Patagonia for supporting this event.

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