Spanish Film Festival Opening - Kiki, Love to Love

This movie is from our archive and is not currently screening.
Spanish Film Festival Opening - Kiki, Love to Love

Starring Natalia de Molina, Álex García, Paco León, Belén Cuesta, Ana Katz, Candela Peña, Alexandra Jiménez, Luis Callejo.
Directed by Paco León.
Classification: MA15+, 102 mins.
Country: Spain.
Note: English subtitles.

Spanish Film Festival
To celebrate opening night, join us for a glass of Torres Wine before the screening.
A scorching summer heatwave intensifies the desires of a collection of Madrid lovers in this playful, provocative and award-winning comedy that features Spain’s brightest young actors abd became a massive sleeper hit at the Spanish box office in 2016.
Across five separate stories, Kiki: Love to Love’s charismatic characters all share one thing in common: an unusual impulse that they are unable to suppress. Determined to shed the self-imposed inhibitions prompted by their desires, these madrileños embark on an hilarious series of adventures in which no pleasure can – nor will - be denied.
Freely adapted from Josh Lawson’s The Little Death, the Aussie source proves to be a perfect match for the handsome, adorable and slightly daffy persona of Goya-nominated writer/director & star, Paco León.

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