Spanish Film Festival - Sara Baras: All Her Voices

Spanish Film Festival
Sara Baras is a living legend Spain, a diminutive dancer with an unparalleled skill and passion for flamenco. This documentary takes us inside the preparations for her most recent creative work “Voces”; a tribute to the history of flamenco and the great artists who have preceded and inspired her, a work that has toured around the world including to Melbourne in 2016.
“Voces is born out of the freedom of a flamenco heart,” says Baras, “A heart that dances to its own music, that beats to its own rhythm.” Her rule-breaking path through the traditional world of flamenco is aptly portrayed in “Voces”, a flamenco show about flamenco masters who were revolutionary and criticized in their time and yet are exalted today. During the world tour of her show through Spain, France, Mexico and the United States, we get to know Sara Baras, as her art, her personality and her values contrast with these very diverse societies.


Spanish Film Festival - Sara Baras: All Her Voices
  • Original Title
  • Cast
  • Sara Baras, José Serrano, Tim Ries, Concha Baras
  • Director
  • Rafa Molés, Pepe Andreu
  • Genre
  • Documentary, Festivals
  • Classification
  • E, 91 mins
  • Country of Origin
  • Spain
  • Special Note
  • This Special Event is subtitled

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