State Cinema Sessions

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WA : Wheelchair Access

Rated E, 122 mins

  • Thu 23 May

Rated M (Coarse language), 134 mins

Rated M (Action violence), 124 mins

Rated E, 85 mins

Rated MA15+ (Strong violence, sex and coarse language), 121 mins

Rated M, 148 mins

Rated M (Coarse language), 132 mins

Free Solo Last Days!

Rated M (Coarse language), 100 mins

Rated M (Coarse language), 130 mins

Greta Encore Screening  Last Days!

Rated MA15+ (Strong injury detail), 99 mins

Rated MA15+ (Strong themes and violence), 125 mins

Rated M (Mature themes and scenes of animal slaughter), 103 mins

  • Wed 10 Apr

Rated M (Coarse language), 108 mins

Rated M, 94 mins

Rated M (Coarse language), 120 mins

Rated CTC, 180 mins (Subtitled)

  • Wed 27 Mar

Rated CTC, 220 mins (Subtitled)

Rated CTC, 210 mins

Rated CTC, 170 mins

Rated CTC, 175 mins

Rated E, 90 mins

Roma Last Days!

Rated MA15+, 135 mins (Subtitled)

Rated PG (Mild themes and sexual references), 87 mins

Rated CTC, 165 mins (Subtitled)

Rated PG (Mild coarse language), 98 mins

Rated M (Coarse language), 97 mins

Rated MA15+ (Strong coarse language), 119 mins

Rated M, 85 mins

Rated MA15+, 90 mins

  • Fri 12 Apr

Rated M (Coarse language and nudity), 99 mins

They Shall Not Grow Old Encore Screening

Rated MA15+ (Strong war themes and injury detail), 129 mins

  • Thu 25 Apr

Rated E, 85 mins

Rated E, 85 mins


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