Klimt + Schiele + UTAS

Klimt + Schiele + UTAS

Delve into the turn-of-the century Vienna artworld and tour through exhibitions of Klimt and Schiele’s legendary works. Taking place across five stunning exhibitions with never-before-seen access, Klimt & Schiele: Eros and Psyche recounts this extraordinary moment in art history.

Chris Arneaud-Clarke, from the University of Tasmania’s School of Creative Arts, compares Schiele with Klimt, looking at their different uses of line. This special presentation follows the opening screening of Klimt & Schiele – Eros and Psyche, directed by Michele Mally. 

Klimt & Schiele Eros and Psyche - Art on Screen

  • Synopsis
  • A documentary on the beginning of a new era, the Secession, revealing human, artistic and historical angles. The Exhibition delves into the turn-of-the-century Vienna artworld and includes tours through exhibitions of Klimt and Schiele’s works, from Albertina, Belvedere, Kunsthistorisches Museum and Leopold Museum.

    Klimt & Schiele – Eros and Psyche is an in-depth look at images of extraordinary visual power: going from the enchanting enveloping decorations of Klimt’s works to the anguished linework of Egon Schiele in his magnetic nudes and in the contorted figures.
  • Classification
  • E, 90 mins
  • Genre
  • Documentary, History
  • Running Time
  • 90 minutes