Mosaic Film Festival

Mosaic Film Festival

Mosaic Film Festival

Join Mosaic Studios as they Premiere two new short-film productions: 13 CHERRY TREE LANE  and  THE IMPOSSIBLE CHANGE 

Tickets on sale now for this special event at the State Cinema on Wednesday 13th November at 6 pm as part of the 2019 Mosaic Festival of Art 4-18th November. Cast and crew from both productions will hold a panel discussion after each film to entertain the audience with their personal insight into the filmmaking process.

Tickets on Sale Now  |  $20.00 Per Person

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13 Cherry Tree Lane

The morning after a particularly wild Halloween party at Doctor Bird’s house, a group of friends wake to discover the house has become a bit... odd. Things have appeared, and other things mysteriously disappeared like the phone connection; it’s dead.  They puzzle over their predicament. The mystery is unsettling them all, and soon they realise…they are not alone at 13 Cherry Tree Lane.

Cherry Tree Lane stars Lisa Eadie, Grant Senior, Mary Rose Chivers, Shaun Phillips, Margaret Menzies, William Webster, Tanya Cook, Darren Schyvens, Aidan Chick, Shelley Chambers and Raquel Shearing.

The Impossible Change

Born into a family of criminals, Jimmy O’Connell has spent his life in a dark underworld of crime, and there is blood on his hands.  His uncle, sinister Mob Boss Harry O’Connell and an extremely cunning deadeye older brother, Frankie Fingers, control Jimmy’s life.

This hard-boiled stylish black and white noir drama tips its hat to the golden era of gangster films, and is peppered with a cast of sinners and saints; gun-toting toughs and dames spouting out terse one-liners. 

The Impossible Change introduces Grant Pearson as Jimmy, Shaun Phillips as Frankie Fingers, Nigel Wilson as Harry O’Connell, with Rebecca Downes as Hattie and a supporting cast of Charlie Smith, Damien Lewis, David Montgomery, John Stanton, William Webster, Adam Mapley and Luke Campbell

More About Mosaic

The Mosaic Festival Of Arts is an annual festival held across several Hobart venues from November 4th- 18th. The festival is a unique and exciting opportunity for Mosaic clients to create, promote and showcase their talents. The Mosaic Festival Of Arts includes art exhibitions, live music, dance & drama performances. We are also proudly premiering Mosaic Studios Short Films; 13 Cherry Tree Lane & The Impossible Change.

Full Festival Details are available on the website at