Music Movies

Music Movies

Music Movies

The UTAS Conservatorium of Music is joining with us to introduce some great recent music films that never saw theatrical release. Each featuring so much more than just a killer soundtrack, don't miss your chance to catch these exclusive picks on the silver screen!

Next up is Janis: Little Girl Blue

"I Feel To Be A Cog In Something Turning"

Janis: Little Girl Blue – a film written and directed by Amy J. Berg which highlights the life and career of the celebrated singer-songwriter. 

All tickets $15

The UTAS Conservatorium of Music is excited to be involved in these screenings of some great music related movies over the next few months. This provides us with an opportunity to engage with local music aficionados and showcase some of the depth and breadth of knowledge that is to be found at the Conservatorium. Staff from the conservatorium will present a short talk and facilitate discussion around each of the films. We hope you will find this an interesting and informative addition to the viewing of the movie and look forward to seeing you at all of the series.